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Coral Reef Island


Join us in our mission to promote sustainable tourism in the Caribbean! We work closely with local communities and businesses to ensure that the region's natural resources and cultural heritage are protected for future generations.


Board members & CHTA Leadership team, including LTR Vanessa Ledesma, Nicole Madden-Greig, and CAST Chairman Kyle Mais

Our Story

The Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism was established in 1998 as a non-profit organization, domiciled in Barbados.

At a time when sustainability was far from the minds of most of us, two members of CHTA’s Board of Directors recognized that a mindset shift was necessary for the Caribbean tourism industry to meet the pending environmental challenges facing the industry,
and indeed the world.


This prompted the late Sir Royston Hopkin, a pioneer hotelier in luxury tourism from Grenada, and Frank Rainieri, noted developer and brainchild behind Puntacana in the Dominican Republic, to create CAST.

Our Focus

Today, CAST sustains itself as an independent organization and member of the CHTA family of organizations  dedicated to serving as a resource, advocate and focal point for Caribbean tourism sustainable matters. 

  1. CAST is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of CHTA member company representatives and specialists with expertise in sustainable tourism.  

  2. Since its inception, CAST, with support from CHTA, has sought to raise the industry’s readiness and awareness on sustainable matters.


Training hundreds of companies on establishing Environmental Management Systems

Supporting hurricane and crisis readiness training and policies throughout the region

Recognizing and awarding best practices through CHTA’s Sustainability CHIEF Awards program

Conducting detailed energy efficiency audits for tourism-related businesses throughout the region

Undertaking environmental impact related research to bolster awareness and stimulate local actions

Conducting dozens of training and awareness-building workshops on a range of sustainable matters

CAST Initiatives

Building partnerships with industry, organizations, institutions and governments to advance research, training and sharing of best practices

Kyle Mais
Kyle Mais


Kyle Mais is a highly experienced hospitality executive with over three decades of involvement in resort operations across the Caribbean and Pacific regions...


Karolin Troubetzkoy
Karolin Troubetzkoy

Executive Director of Marketing and Operations

Karolin Troubetzkoy has significantly contributed to the development of Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain Resorts, with a focus on environmental conservation and sustainable tourism...

Anse Chastanet and Jade Mountain Resorts

Denaye Hinds
Denaye Hinds

Sustainable Entrepreneur

As the CEO of JustaTAAD LLC, Denaye Hinds is recognized for her commitment to ESG initiatives and sustainability in the hospitality sector...


Christine Young
Christine Young

Managing Director

Christine Young is an expert in sustainability, working across various sectors including tourism and education, known for her sustainability planning and policy work in the Caribbean...

Green Caribe Consulting

Loreto Duffy Mayers
Loreto Duffy Mayers

Sustainable Development Expert

Loreto Duffy Mayers boasts extensive expertise in sustainable development with a focus on tourism, energy, and gender. She has played a crucial role in several sustainability initiatives across the Caribbean...


Kevan Dean
Kevan Dean

Executive Director of Engineering Services

With over 30 years of experience, Kevan Dean is an expert in energy conservation and emergency preparedness, focusing on sustainability initiatives within the hospitality industry...

Atlantis Paradise Island Resort and Casino

Kendra Hopkin
Kendra Hopkin

Deputy Managing Director

Kendra Hopkin is notable for her efforts in integrating sustainable practices in resort operations at Blue Horizons Garden Resort and is actively engaged in promoting responsible tourism in Grenada...

Blue Horizons Garden Resort

Ted Vogel
Ted Vogel

Renewable Energy Expert

Ted Vogel brings two decades of experience in renewable energy, specializing in energy efficiencies in military and diplomatic facilities, and contributes to various international energy efficiency projects...

12 South International LLC

Mona Beeson
Mona Beeson

General Manager

Mona Beeson has extensive experience in the hospitality industry, focusing on sustainable tourism and community service initiatives in Turks and Caicos...

The Sands at Grace Bay

Crescenzia Biemans
Crescenzia Biemans

Chief Corporate Officer

Crescenzia Biemans runs a sustainable resort in Aruba. She is a leader in sustainable luxury hospitality, using her law degrees to manage the resort's legal affairs and eco-friendly practices, making it the Caribbean's first carbon-neutral hotel.

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort

Meet Our Board of Directors and Trustees

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Frequently Asked Questions

By Category

How We Make Our Decisions

CAST Objectives

⭐️ Serve as a first step resource to tourism enterprises in the area of information and education for sustainable tourism implementation.

⭐️ Provide tangible results to tourism enterprises through sustainability training and education. Assist with certification guidance, vendor and products information.

⭐️ Develop synergies and strategic partnerships with sustainable tourism efforts to ensure a cohesive solution to sustainability within the region.

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  • Photo of a sustainable future

    Providing detailed studies of sustainability examples, lessons learned and resources to make the case for sustainability throughout tourism enterprises. To work in partnership with aligned groups and organizations throughout the region.

  • Photo of collaboration

    Serving as a clearinghouse for secondary research and conducting periodic surveys and assessments on policies, regulations and practices by the industry and governments.

  • Meeting around the table illustration for CAST

    Promoting responsible environmental and social issues within the Caribbean tourism sector and representing the interests, concerns,  and successes of the sector at key regional and international forums; reporting on meeting outcomes to the sector.  Contribution to influence governance and decision making regarding sustainability within the sector

    • CARICOM The Caribbean Community represents 15 Caribbean nations and dependencies whose main purpose is to promote economic integration and cooperation among its member states.   CARICOM focuses on  coordinating economic policies and development planning; devising and instituting special projects, operating as a regional single market for many of its members; and handling regional trade disputes.

    • Caribbean Development Bank is a leading catalyst for development resources into the region, working with member Countries and other development partners towards the reduction of poverty in their countries through social and economic development.

  • Beachfront illustration on CAST Website

    Sustainability Training & Special Projects:  through the use of webinars, toolkits, special publications & projects (Resource Guides), training programs and modules.

  • Discussion in the Caribbean

    Collaboration:  Advancing partnerships within the region and beyond: through joint initiatives geared towards advancing the call for sustainability and resilience in the region

Frequently Asked Questions

By Category

CAST's objectives include serving as a first-step resource for sustainable tourism implementation, providing sustainability training and education, assisting with certification guidance, and developing synergies with sustainable tourism efforts in the region.

What are the main objectives of CAST?

CAST was founded in 1997 under the chairmanship of Frank Rainieri and Sir Royston O. Hopkin, KCMG.

When was CAST founded and who were its chairpersons?

The board includes Chairperson Kyle Mais, Vice-Chair Karolin Troubetzkoy, and Treasurer, George Newton. The Governing Council comprises Loreto Duffy Mayers, Kevan Dean, Ted Vogel, Denaye Hinds, Christine Young, Kendra Hopkin, George Newton, and Frank Comito.

Who are the members of the CAST Governing Council and Board?

CAST focuses on providing information and resources, advocating for responsible environmental and social practices, and offering sustainability training and special projects within the Caribbean tourism sector.

What areas does CAST's strategic focus cover?

CAST aims to provide tourism enterprises with sustainability resources, best practices, and support through CHTA committees for advocating sustainable advances within the Caribbean hotel and tourism sector.

What is the mission of CAST?

The project was initially financed by IDB, GTZ, CDE, UNEP, BL&P, BHTA, and the Government of Barbados.

Who financed the CHENACT project initially?

Over 200 full hotel audits and walk-thru hotel assessments have been conducted primarily in Barbados, Jamaica, and The Bahamas, with additional audits in St. Kitts & Nevis, Antigua & Barbuda, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, and Grenada.

How many hotel audits and assessments have been conducted under CHENACT?

CHENACT aims to enhance the competitiveness of small and medium-sized hotels in the Caribbean by reducing energy costs through improved energy usage, emphasizing Renewable Energy and Micro-Generation, and aiding Caribbean governments in meeting their international obligations regarding GHG emissions and ODS phase-out.

What is the goal of the CHENACT project?

For more information, you can contact

How can one get additional information about CHENACT?

Coral reefs play a crucial role in local economies by attracting tourists for on-reef and reef-associated activities, supporting fisheries, and protecting coastlines from storm surges.

Why are coral reefs important to the Caribbean tourism sector?

Reef-associated tourism brings in over $7.9 billion annually from more than 11 million visitors in the Caribbean.

What is the economic significance of reef-associated tourism in the Caribbean?

The project aims to provide information, resources, and networking opportunities through an online knowledge center to engage and educate the public and tourism operators on coral reef restoration efforts.

How does the project plan to support coral reef restoration?

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