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The CHENACT Final Presentation (2012)

Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association (CHTA)
Published on
16 Apr 2024

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This is the space to introduce the business and what it has to offer. Define the qualities and values that make it unique.

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Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association (CHTA)
Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association (CHTA)

For over 50 years, the CHTA has been central to the Caribbean hospitality industry, uniting 1,000 hotel and allied members along with 33 National Hotel Associations. It aims to shape the region's future by providing value that generates business and advances a sustainable and profitable industry​​​​.


Report on the findings and recommendations from the first phase of the Caribbean Hotel Energy Action Project, from detailed energy audits undertaken of small-mid-sized hotels in selected Caribbean countries. The project was a collaboration between CHTA/CAST and the CTO, with funding primarily from the Inter-American Development Bank.

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Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association (CHTA)

The CHENACT Final Presentation (2012)
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